State Council of Homoeopathic Systems of Medicine

I salute to Dr. Samuel Heinemann the founder of homoeopathy who has developed a Homoeopathic System of Medicine about two hundred years ago. Being the cheapest yet effective mode of complete cure, needs to be given more attention that Hitherto. It has been receiving a larger public interest/support.

Although the system was brought to India and particularly in Punjab at the time of Maharaja Rajnit Singh. However, the system could not gain any momentum in India, ultimately this system was adopted by the people of West Bengal which is known to be the birth place of Homoeopathy in India. Slowly the system was recognized among the masses in the Urban Areas particularly among the literate people. The system becomes popular due to its being effective and cheaper. As the medicines of other system are developing side effects and the body becomes immunes, the Homoeopathic medicines act like a magic.

The Homoeopathic system has proved to be a gift for the human beings. Recently it has been proved very effective in animal and poultry also.


In Himachal Pradesh Homoeopathic system was introduced in the year 1981 by constituted a Homoeopathic Council under the Himachal Pradesh Homoeopathic Practitioners Act, 1979. The Govt. of Himachal Pradesh nominated 8 members among the Homoeopathic Practitioners under the Chairmanship of Dr.P.N.Nehru. After his death in 1990 the council is working under the overall control of Director of Ayurveda.

In the year 1983 Council opened registration of Homoeopathic Practitioners on experience basis and after two years it was closed till date and in the year, 1987 Central Homoeopathy Council Act also comes into force in the State.


At present Government has appointed Dr. Surinder Meheta, Homoeopathic Medical Officer, Homoeopathic Health Centre, Shimla as Registrar in the Council in addition to his duties.

In the year, 1997 the Govt has opened 14 Homoeopathic Health Centers, 12 at Distt. Headquarter and other two at backward areas i.e. H.H.C. Tuenkhas, Finest Fake Rolex Watches Distt.Bilaspur and HHC Gagla, Distt.Chamba. At present 14 Homoeopathic Medical Officers working in the said Health centers.

In the state till date about 550 qualified doctors and about 770 Homoeopathic Practitioners on experience basis (Part-B) are registered with the Council to propagate this system in the state.

In Himachal Pradesh One Homoeopathic Medical College i.e.”Solan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kumarhatti, Distt. Solan” is running by the Health Trust of India in Private Sector from the year, 2003 and about 75 students get admission every year for BHMS degree course. The College is affiliated with the Himachal Pradesh University.

The Department has also organized a State Level Campaign on Homoeopathy for Mother & Child Care from the help of AYUSH Department, Govt. of India, and New Delhi.

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